Master the fundamentals of longboard dancing and freestyle tricks in 6 weeks

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Using the Foundation for Flow, you can master the fundamentals of longboarding

You can become a stylish, steezy, and confident rider. The "Foundation for Flow" methodology we teach in Pure Longboarding  is the best way to learn tricks quickly, safely, and develop a style that you're truly proud of.

It’s not a bunch of abstract theory or basic tutorials on specific tricks, but rather a field guide that shows you step-by-step how to overcome your fears and practice more effectively.

Many students make substantial progress in a short amount of time by following this method

The Foundation For Flow is the best way to learn tricks quickly, safely, and develop a style that you are truly proud of.

Here are some testimonials from former students:

"It's an INCREDIBLE program. Just being able to attempt a trick from the video is encouraging enough and watching yourself getting better gets you pumped and looking forward to the next group of videos. All the materials, the wonderful community that continues even after the program and getting in touch with the mentors was worth every penny. Nothing was wasted with this program."

- @victorialyne_g

"Super grateful to all the mentors and students in the class who were so helpful and encouraging! I love that my introduction to the longboarding community was through these warm and amazing people who I now look up to! Definitely started out in the right foot."

- @alli_learns_longboarding

"I'd definitely reccomend this course! It's so much fun to learn steps and tricks in the right order, with a decent explanation and being encouraged by great longboarders and a great bunch of motivated and passionate people! I'd definitely do it all over again!! Best online-course ever!"

- @fien_lgbd

My guarantee to you

While everyone learns at a different pace, I want to help as much as I can. So here’s what I can guarantee:

  • This program is (by far) the most comprehensive longboarding course that exists
  • I’ll show you step-by-step how to learn tricks quickly and safely
  • I’ll share every last tip I can think of (and more that I’ll figure out along the way)
  • If you have any questions, I’ll be available every step of the way.

I honestly believe this is the best information you’ll find anywhere about longboarding and the Foundation for Flow. f there’s any program that’s going to help you feel confident and stylish longboarding, it’s this one – Pure Longboarding.

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I didn't plan to be a teacher...

I first started posting #TrickTipTuesday videos as a way to grow the longboarding community. I offered to anyone to reach out to me if they had questions. Then, one video got 30 million views in a single day, and I received 300+ messages from people wanting to learn more about longboarding.

As you can imagine, I was overwhelmed AF – but simultaneously stoked AF!

I started teaching private lessons, with back-to-back students daily. Again, my inboxes flooded, but with a new wave of people asking if I was doing any virtual lessons, and it finally clicked…

The world needs an online longboarding course!

Over the past 10 years of traveling and competing in longboarding, I had only really seen myself as a rider. Never did I think I would become the teacher and mentor I am today.

My methods have worked for me and the hundreds of other riders around the world. These riders are passionate about getting more confident and stylish on their board.

Know exactly what you're getting

Module #1

"Set The Foundation For Flow"
  • Learn foundational steps to master foot position and technique so that more difficult tricks become more consistent and safe
  • Adjust your setup to learn how to lay the foundation for flow with your longboard dancing
  • Learn the secret to avoiding injuries
  • Understand how to perfect your carves
  • Get the keys to building a strong switch stance

…Once we’ve built a solid foundation, I'll show you how to set yourself up for success on your board…

Module #2

"Building A Versatile Base"
  • Build a capable and versatile base will all the variations of pivots and body variables
  • Reinforce positive habits at the start to reduce friction for more complicated tricks
  • Learn how to manual and use the tails to your advantage
  • Focus on DEEP carves for maximum flow
  • Learn when and how to clean and maintain your gear

…Then I'll show you how to step it up and expand with variations...


Module #3

"Stepping Up Your Game"
  • Familiarize yourself with longboard dancing variations
  • Get comfortable jumping off and on your board while riding
  • Learn how to use ghostrides and lookbacks to keep momentum and flow when lines get slow
  • Know when you should look into upgrading your gear and what to look for

…Once your steps are dialed, we’ll master the “scoop” the right way…

Module #4

"Scoop It And Loop It"
  • Dial in your scoop and learn why it's so important
  • Get comfortable filming yourself to progress quicker 
  • Learn the basics of editing a fun video
  • Use apps and mobile software to make the best content as a solo rider
  • Learn to stylishly keep speed with flow while connecting tricks

…Then learn how to take to the skies, with grab tricks done right…

Module #5

"Grab Tricks Done Right"
  • Learn grab tricks in a way that doesn't look like you're running with your board
  • Learn to overcome frustrations
  • Push through the inevitable plateau
  • Use grab tricks to gain speed instead of losing it

…And finally, discover how to tie everything together into a seamless flow you're proud of…

Module #6

"Find Your Flow"
  • Discover new variations on tricks you know
  • Learn how to tackle any new trick and learn it quickly
  • Learn to keep speed and flow throughout every line
  • Define your own unique style


I wanted to go ALL OUT for you, so I included a few things to complement the course and make this the best experience possible – something that a younger Brandon simply couldn’t say no to. 

Join the Pure Longboarding class

I'm also giving you 3 FREE bonuses (worth $647) if you join this upcoming Pure Longboarding class

If you know anything about me, then you know that I always over-deliver. I actually care about the progress that my students get, and that’s why I’ll go the extra mile for you. To make sure you get results from this, I’m giving you 3 FREE bonuses worth $647.

Here’s what I’ve got for you:


(Value: $398)

6 recorded mastermind calls

  • Get access  to recorded mastermind calls with myself and other top riders around the world
  • Listen in on exclusive Q&A sessions with professional longboarders
  • Learn about how to get noticed and gain the attention of sponsors
  • Get an inside look at how pro riders think about new tricks and style
  • Learn how to overcome fears with techniques proven by the best


(Value: $244)

Secret longboard mastermind froup

  • We stay in constant communication in a private discord group, exclusively for students and mentors
  • Get access to me personally on a daily basis (I'm super active in the mastermind group, answering questions, reviewing tricks, and coaching you)
  • Receive ongoing support from the community as you develop your longboarding skills
  • Create accountability deals with fellow students
  • See what works for others and learn from their firsthand as they share their techniques and the results they're getting
  • Hang out with my friends and students have become talented longboarders


(Value: $104)

Exclusive gear discount portal

  • Get unlimited access to rotating discounts from the best brands in longboarding, like: Moonshine Mfg, Bones Bearings, Paris Truck Co, Powell Peralta, and more
  • Upgrade your gear without spending full price




All these together with the course will equip you with everything you need to take your longboarding to the next level faster and with plenty of value long after the course ends. The Foundation for Flow is the best way to master longboarding and it works really well. It’s literally the fastest way I’ve seen people improve.

Join Brandon's "Pure Longboarding" Class

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Register for the Pure Longboarding class ASAP by clicking one of the buttons on this page.

I can only work with a limited number of students at once. Spots are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can join the class for $97 one-time. But the way I see it, this class won’t “cost” you anything.

Between the mindset training, perseverance, and community of people that genuinely care about you and your success, this is an investment in your mental and physical health—and that’s priceless.

After you sign up...

You’ll get instant access to the member area and the $647 worth of free bonuses. 
I’ll send you an onboarding email with all the access details and links. As soon as that’s done, you’ll be added to our secret Discord group where you’ll be able to start chatting with other stoked riders. 
That’s where the fun part really starts. 

How the community works

You’ll be plugged into a community of like-minded people who all have the same vision and goal as you: to hae fun while becoming the confident and stylish rider they’ve always wanted to be.
We stay in constant communication in our secret Discord group where we'll all support each other and share our best longboarding secrets.

How the class breaks down

In every module you get a new training where I show you step by step what you have to do and why, with real-life examples, while you watch over my shoulders.
But don’t worry, it’s easy stuff and everything is delivered in small bite-sized chunks.
You can also participate in accountability deals, to make sure you reach your goals every week.
If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and sign up for my Pure Longboarding Class and get $647 worth of FREE bonuses.